Windows phone camera doesn't work

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Apr 25, 2017  Windows Phone 8. 1 is the follow up to Windows Phone 8, which rolled out to devices rather quickly. Despite its strengths, Microsofts Windows Phone 8 platform is not without its flaws. In windows phone camera doesn't work

Dec 21, 2014 The first update updated your phone to an interim version of Windows Phone 8. 0 that was necessary to finally update your Lumia 822 to Windows Phone 8. 1, Update 1. Need to do the second update too (if you haven't already done so), to get it upgraded to Windows Phone 8. 1, Update 1.

If the camera on a cell phone works for one app and not another then its going to be a software problem as opposed to a hardware issue. If it was a hardware problem and an issue with the camera itself then the camera wouldnt work at all. This is made more evident by your gallery crashing like that. windows phone camera doesn't work

It's because the LED light loses contact with the circuit board and so it doesn't work. There's not really a way to fix it. But if you squeeze the phone, pressing the back of the phone and on the flash, it Dec 15, 2014 Help my camera doesn't work! ! Make sure you have at least 1. 5 GB of space free on your phone mine starts going crazy if it doesn't (random lag issues etc), including freezing when I launch the camera and refusing to take video footage. Review title of Mehran Only if windows phone 10 supported this app. This is the best camera app for windows phone, bud unfortunately windows phone 10 doesn't support this app for it has this lousy windows camera app. windows phone camera doesn't work Oct 28, 2015  Windows Phone 10, Issue 5: Camera Doesn't work I see you updated the camera but I still can't get my camera to work on my phone. I have replacedsent this phone back twice but Nov 08, 2018  Windows 10: Camera doesn't work. Discus and support Camera doesn't work in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; My camera has worked just fine on Skype until I started using it with other programs websites (Google Hangouts and Aug 21, 2015 Windows Phone 10 Camera Not Working. At least for me, yes. I have an AT& T version of the Lumia 1020 and on every build including the latest one if I do a hard reset and don't restore (start fresh), then it reinstalls the Nokia Camera. If you do restore it will not install it. And then the store updates it to the latest version of Lumia Camera. As I've said in the title, the Windows Camera app doesn't work and when I try to open it, I get this. It basically says (in Dutch): Something went wrong This is the errorcode: 0x200F4246 (0x ). Meanwhile, the standard Toshiba webcam program does work.

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