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2020-03-31 16:55 The icons are not showing up on Windows when I try to run the applicaton from Qt Creator. I suspect a plugin issue based on QtC: Icons not showing up when program is run under windows O. S but I failed to figure out what to do from the guide How to Create Qt Plugins.

Qt Documentation. The application icon, typically displayed in the topleft corner of an application's toplevel windows, is set by calling the QWindow: : setIcon() method. qt windows icon

These pixmaps are generated from the set of pixmaps made available to the icon, and are used by Qt widgets to show an icon representing a particular action. Contents: QIcon Overview. The QIcon class provides scalable icons in different modes and states. An icon's state and mode are depending on the intended use of the icon.

The application icon, typically displayed in the topleft corner of an application's toplevel windows, is set by calling the method on toplevel widgets. . In order to change the icon of the executable application file itself, as it is presented on the desktop (i. e. , prior to application execution), it is necessary to employ another, platformdependent technique. qt windows icon

On Windows and OS X, you have to provide your own icons. The solution to this problem is to set the theme name in QtCreator (as in your example). Then you have to provide icons of the same Alias under Prefix : icons in your resources. 2 Answers. QIcon: : fromTheme works under specific conditions. If it can find it in the for the QIcon: : themeName() If the desired icon isn't there, Qt Designer won't be able to do any of the from theme, named icons. But if you check your target system for the theme search paths and set the theme name, By default, only X11 will support themed icons. In order to use themed icons on Mac and Windows, you will have to bundle a compliant theme in one of your themeSearchPaths() and set the appropriate themeName(). This function was introduced in Qt 4. 6. qt windows icon How to set the application icon on Windows using cmake? How to set the application icon on Windows using cmake? This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. QtVik. last edited by Looks like your connection to Qt Forum was lost, please wait while we Now that Qt has upgraded to, there is new method to add an application icon. First, you need prepare a resource file, named as. qrc 1) Without Qt Designer, I assume there is a QMainWindow instance whose name is MainWin.

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Fixed bug for the display page of eGalaxTouch utility not update immediately after do monitor mapping. add different fixes for various touch problems, improve existing gestures, or even include support for new ones. Windows 7 64 bit. eMPIA eGalaxTouch Pointing Device Driver. ;

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Oct 31, 2016  Printer drivers for an old LASERJET 6L in Window 7 Pro 64 05: 37 PM Unfortunately I already checked the windows printers and I didn't find the laserjet 6L, nor I had help by the printer installation tool, and not even by Windows update (this last one doesn't work I think because I have an OEM licence).

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Then, under the Installation tab, click the Install button. The program screen will show whether Windows was successfully activated or not. Note: In case the activation failed, you can use another tool called WATFix to fix the activation problems and run the loader again. Also,

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The tool contains only the latest versions of drivers provided by official manufacturers. It supports such operating systems as Windows 10, Windows 8 8. 1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista (6432 bit). To download and install the Tekram DC315U driver manually, select the right option from the list below. Tekram DC315U Drivers

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Mar 05, 2014 The same page renders fine in Firefox, in IE 10 on my older Windows 7 workstation, and in IE 11 on a colleague's preWindows 8 workstation. I've verified that the HTML source for the page that IE 11 on Windows 8. 1 receives is the same as the HTML source that IE 10 on Windows 7 receives.

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Use Office 365 on your Windows RT device. Connect to Office 365 using your Windows RT tablet. Devices running Windows 8. 1 RT, such as Surface RT, come with Office Home and Student 2013, which you can use with Office 365. Office Home and Student 2013 includes the RT versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

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