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2020-04-05 03:52 From MSDN Enumeration: ApplicationData The directory that serves as a common repository for applicationspecific data for the current roaming user. A roaming user works on more than one computer on a network. A roaming user's profile is kept on a server on the network and is loaded onto a system when the user logs on.

Well I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit so I wanted to know for sure what was returned, so I put this into a console application to see what was returned. And it returned C: \Program Files system environment specialfolder commonapplicationdata windows 7

Gets the path to the system special folder that is identified by the specified enumeration.

Feb 28, 2010 This tip was prompted by a discussion here[ yesterday in the C# forum. When you need to store data common to all users of an application locally, Microsoft recommend using addition they also suggest creating a sub folder here with your CompanyName and a sub folder in that of ApplicationName. system environment specialfolder commonapplicationdata windows 7

is the most common one. This folder holds peruser, nontemporary applicationspecific data, other than user documents. This folder holds peruser, nontemporary applicationspecific data, other than user documents. What does the ProgramFilesX86 SpecialFolder do on systems like Windows XP? Windows 7 64bit; Production Environment. In production I don't know if they are running 32 or 64bit systems, and it's likely a mixture. What is the best algorithm for an overridden 1430. I have done all the logging and now I need to save it somewhere on this Win Server 2008 Operating system. Does anybody know what the output is in Win Server 2008 for the following line of code. string system environment specialfolder commonapplicationdata windows 7 Feb 02, 2015  I have a client that is currently running our software which uses the variable in C# as the base location to save all our configdata files. So, for example, the path is Name\\Product\\ or Just Fields. On a nonx86 system, passing ProgramFiles to the method returns the path for nonx86 programs. To get the x86 program files directory on a nonx86 system, use the ProgramFilesX86 member. Nov 18, 2011 The system special folders are folders such as Program Files, Programs, System, or Startup, which contain common information. Special folders are set by default by the system, or explicitly by the user, when installing a version of Windows. The GetFolderPath method uses these enumerated constants to designate the special folder path to retrieve. You should store your application data in a subfolder under Note that this folder is userspecific. NonAdmin users do not have permission to write to the folder, because that folder does not belong to specific users.

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