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2020-04-01 08:57 As you probably expect, placing a radiator under the window is the most common radiator position in a room. Even as I write this, I am sat next to my trusty underwindow radiator. The main reason for this was that, back before the wonders of double glazing, this was the coldest part of the room.

If they go under windows make sure you get your curtain lengths right. Ideally the curtain should stop just below the windowsill and well above the radiator. Having the curtain over the radiator pretty much guarantees the warm air will go out the window. should radiators go under windows

Nov 06, 2006 I have never fitted radiators under windows unless the customer insisted it wanted it there. To say that any draughts coming from the window can help to heat better is stupid, simply because as long as a draught is coming near a radiator you will burn more gas to keep that room warm.

ladyrimmofpinn I think radiators work well under windows especially with double glazing. I always have lightweight floor length curtains with a matching roller blind that can be pulled down to below the top of the radiator which helps direct the heat away from the window. 4 January 2016 at 19: 13. should radiators go under windows

Where to put radiators and why are they always under windows? ! So why place the radiators under windows? Put simply, the cool air coming from the window falls on to the rising warm air from the radiator and pushes the warm air out into the room. The problem nowadays is that since most houses have had their windows replaced with double glazing, Jun 22, 2016  The Dos& Donts Of Positioning Your Radiator. While you no longer need to fit your radiator under the window, there is some logic in doing so. Historically, radiators were fitted in the coldest part of the room the exterior wall where cold air would enter and drop to the floor. How can the answer be improved? should radiators go under windows To combat this, central heating radiators are placed under windows. This reverses or neutralises the draught, thus giving a much more even distribution of heat in the room, hopefully without draughts. Sadly, windows are a great way to waste heat irrespective of radiator placement.

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