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2020-02-20 05:57 Icecast Docs Basic Setup. It is by no means a complete list but should give you enough to get started. There are two major components involved: the streaming server (Icecast in this case) and the source client. The Icecast server will be the place where all listeners of your station will connect.

Icecast main window. Stop the server and choose Configuration on the menu. A text file is opened. The setup of Icecast is defined in a xml file. Here is a copy of it, after I have changed it. ! This config file contains a minimal set of configurable parameters, and mostly just icecast windows setup

Streaming With Icecast 2 On Windows. Before I start, I am hoping that you A) have downloaded Icecast 2 and B) have some software installed that is compatible with Icecast 2 (Like SAMBroadcaster, etc. . ). . ICECAST. Right, first extract the icecast download and put it somewhere easy to navigate to (I put mine on the root of my C drive).

Set up NSSM. To set Icecast up in NSSM, open the Command Line by pressing the Windows Key R and entering cmd in the execute Window. Note, if you are not logged in as Admin or your Windows Version has UAC, you need to run it as Administrator. Do icecast windows setup

Download the installer. A Windows Service means that you wish to install Icecast to run 'in the background This is known as a 'daemon' or as a 'service A server, like a streaming server, is usually a computer running streaming software (like Icecast) as services. If you have a server and this is your aim then leave the default checked, Configuring Icecast (Windows and Linux) Values can also be contained within these tag pairs. These values are the crucial parts of the configuration file that you will change to customise the configuration of Icecast2 to your needs. To change values of the configuration file change the text within the xml tags. icecast windows setup

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