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2020-04-05 03:50 Jan 12, 2010  Is there a option to select the interface from which to ping other computers? or how can it be done with out disabling the other interfaces on the pc from where im pinging. thanks! ! ! Are you talking about Windows 7Windows Server 2008 R2? To force IPv4 or IPv6, use 4 or 6. To specify the source interface to use, use the s option. (You use the

2 Answers. The ping command will allow strict source routing so you can specify the default gateway to use on the way out. If your network interfaces are on the same network, like a LAN card and a wireless adapater you can add a custom ROUTE to your machine, which can send all traffic through a specific interface. S srcaddr Source address to use. ping specific interface windows

I am working on Windows Server. I have two interfaces: a PPTP tunnel and the LAN card and I want to ping an IP via both of them to compare their results. As per the documentation, that should be possible via ping S Now this works when I pass the gateway for the default interface but I get. PING: transmit

To specify the interface in windows route command, you are supposed to use 'IF' Uppercase letters, not lowercase. Also, where you are specifying you want to add a route to a single IP. 6, you need to use a subnet mask of. 255. The subnet mask of. 255 specifies ping specific interface windows

12 Oct 12 Windows specify source ping (ICMP) Interface and IP How to specify or change source interface and IP of ping (ICMP) packet in Windows with multiple NICs. This is something that has come up multiple times especially when working and dealing with network related tasks. Jun 05, 2009 In a multihomed Solaris server, how can I direct the ping (icmp echo) through a specific NIC in the machine from where you sending the ping. This machine has two IPs configured on two different NICs, but they both are in same subnet. via that interface The ping man page seems to suggest that ping g and ping i might not be How to ping through a different NIC Windows 7. Hello. I need to figure out why a client cannot connect to his wireless network. I reinstalled XP on his laptop, installed all the drivers, upon testing the wireless connection and was able to connect to my wireless network (WPA2) just fine. So, how do you ping using a specific adapter; ping ping specific interface windows Feb 11, 2010 I want to ping through a specific interfaceI looked up man pingand from what I read I must: ping I desired interface www. google. com But Iam a little bit confused about the result I got never mind about that can anybody confirm the above command? ? Is there any way to tell traceroute to use a specific lan card? The man page is uninformative on the subject. Note: I know that I CAN get to the other server (pings return just fine), but I want to know HOW. Jul 29, 2018 How to ping using specific gateway interface or source IP address. The syntax is: ping ipaddress ping domainname ping www. cyberciti. biz ping. 254 ping [options destination ping [options [IPhostname Pass the c option to the ping command to send out only the number of packets. For example, to send out only four packets to the IP address. 8: ping c 4. 8. I was wondering if there is a command to allow a ping from a specific interface? If a PC has 2 NICs and you want to have a ping come from a specific one, how would you do this from the command prompt (using XP). I came across the command ping x. x. x. x s [number of interface This does not seem to work though. . Thank you.

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