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2020-02-29 00:50 Windows Installer Unused Files Cleanup Tool. The Windows Installer UnUsed Files Cleanup Tool (WICleanup) by KZTechs is able to scan for orphaned MSI and MSP files in the \Windows\Installer folder and offers you an option to delete them from the comfort of a graphical user interface. For scripts and command line usage,

Mar 12, 2011 Windows installer folder 50gb on xp. Help! I've tried downloading and running msizap. exe, but the command prompt stuff seems to be beyond me, and I just can't get it to work. Clicking on the icon for it makes something flash on screen for a second and that's it. Apart from getting annoyed with MS for not putting out a fix, I've achieved nothing. windows installer folder cleanup xp

Dec 08, 2012 It found a new purpose in the folder. In some the installer folder got very big for some users so it proved very useful.

Jul 18, 2017 Unfortunately, windows disk cleanup won't help with this. I've battled it before on several PC's. It's accumulation of valid MSI's and legacy MSI's that build up over time. I have used this tool to clean it up in the past. Seems sketch but I have not had any issues. The other option is to wipe and reload your machine. windows installer folder cleanup xp

From the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility window, locate the application in the list and click the Remove button. Once the application has been removed, click the Exit button to close the utility. How can the answer be improved? Mar 30, 2011 Clean WindowsInstaller folder or updated Installer Cleanup Utility I am running Windows XP Home Edition and my C: WindowsInstaller folder is 21GB. I've searched for how to safely clean this folder but all answers point to Installer Cleanup Utility. windows installer folder cleanup xp Oct 24, 2008 To run the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility, use either of the following methods: Click 'Start click 'All Programs' (or 'Programs' on some operating systems), and then click the shortcut for the. Windows Installer Clean Up Utility. Find and run the Msicuu. exe file.

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